Businesses Seeking Grants

San Diego Grants does not develop grant requests for businesses. We do occasionally develop bids on behalf of existing businesses to pursue specific San Diego County contract opportunities.

The myth of federal grants for businesses

According to the Small Business Administration:

"The Small Business Administration does not provide grants to start or expand a business. Instead, we help businesses get loans, surety bonds, and even find venture capital."

"The bottom line is that if you’re looking for free money, you won’t get it from the government. Unless you can fill a specialty area, you won’t have luck securing funding from a federal grant."




Help to finance your business

Your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) can also help you identify financing options.

San Diego-area SBDC's can be found through the San Diego and Imperial Valley Network

Some counties or municipalities provide financing. Contact your local economic development corporations, such as:

City of San Diego San Diego Economic Development:

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation:

San Diego East County Economic Developmen Corporationt:

San Diego South County Economic Development Corporation:

San Diego North County Economic Development Corporation: 

Accion San Diego provides some financing to those who have difficulty getting capital

Guides to help you succeed

Small Business Administration Guide for financing small businesses

Guide for developing business and pursuing financing