Individuals Seeking Grants

San Diego Grants does NOT provide any services to individuals seeking funding. We only write grant proposals to help nonprofit organizations, like homeless shelters, afterschool programs, schools, food banks, and similar projects. This page, however, does include a list of resources that can help you address your needs. Many nonprofit organizations have programs to help help with rent, mortgage, utilities, home repair, transportation, or other similar costs. There may be other help available if you are an individual with a disability or have a family member with a disability. You may also be able to access federal and state programs that promote homeownership and provide access to loans

While there are no grants for individuals seeking to pay off bills, the website, Need Help Paying Bills, has many excellent ideas for connecting to resources that might help you pay your bills, or strategies that empower you to reduce those bills.

Be forewarned that there are dishonest people falsely promoting grants and free money. Many have been investigated for fraud. A New York Consumer Protection Board report says that companies are profiting from the false notion that the government has billions of dollars available to help people pay their credit-card bills and other expenses. 

The Federal Trade Commission has an excellent article about grant scams. The National Consumer League also has a great primer on grants. It would be great if there were free money out there for all of us, but it just isn't the case. However, there are a lot of hardworking nonprofits out there that can help you address your needs, and may be able to help you pay bills or address some immediate needs.

Help finding services for individuals, seniors, or families needing financial assistance.

San Diego 211 lists organizations statewide that provide help for families, individuals and seniors needing help with rental and utilities assistance, home repairs, legal assistance and more.

Help for individuals with a disability or their families

The Exceptional Family Resource Center (phone 619-594-7416 / 800-281-8252) provides information and referral on issues related to a disability or access to resources and services.

The San Diego Regional Center provides some funding to families and individuals with a disability when there is no other funding source available

California Division of Rehabilitation provides some help to individuals with disabilities who are entering or reentering the workforce.

Special Needs Trust Foundationprovides access to some funding.


Small grant programs

The San Diego Foundation sometimes provides funding to teachers, artists or community members for improvement projects. See for details.


Help on benefit programs, loans, down payments for homes, and other resources

Federal Government provides information on programs that may benefit individuals with disabilities.

Housing/Homeownership programs are not grant programs, but links to local nonprofit groups that help people purchase homes, provide access funds for down payments and offer other assistance.

General Federal assistance provides information on programs that may benefit individuals, but most of their listings are for tax credits, loans, or referrals to existing programs funded by the federal government. Includes a searchable database.